Undeniably, smartphones have become very useful gadgets in our life and bring us great benefits. However, everything has its two sides - when smartphones are used by yourself or others improperly on some occasions or at some places, irritation or even danger may be caused. So in such occasions/places, you can choose to use a cell phone jamming device to avoid such irritation or dangers.

When you are driving a car

Do you feel troubled when someone calls you right at the time you're driving on the road? You know that the phone call is from your best friend or boss, and it'll be rather embarrassed if you reject the call. On the contrary, it could be a dangerous thing to pick up the phone as you're driving on a complicated road situation and you carelessness may lead to a crash. So in this case, you could choose use a portable cell phone jammer to totally block those unwanted phone calls once and for all. Such a cell phone GSM 3G 4G jamming device can transmit signals at the same frequencies that are used by the mobile phone 2G/3G/4G signals, in this way your mobile phone won't be able to communicate properly with the mobile carrier's cell towers, and thus all the signals will be blocked. Moreover, since it's portable, the jammer can be carried in your car conveniently. Also a car cigarette adapter is included so that the device can be powered directly from the car lighter.

When you are in a restaurant/cinema and bothered by endless phone calls

It's perhaps pretty common occurrence that you find it difficult to concentrate on your dinner or a popular movie in a restaurant or cinema, because someone around you is frequently receiving or making phone calls, and the squeak noise makes it impossible to enjoy your free time. Again, at this moment, you can secretly turn on your mobile phone jammer in your bag, with a simply touch on the button. Then the very next minute, that nasty phone caller find himself/herself unable to receive cellular signals any more, and you can enjoy your leisure time with more peace and concentration. Isn't it very thrilling and interesting? Cheers !

When you don't want your children stay up late into night

It's quite bothering experience that many parents are now finding that their children are spending less and less time in study, they keep staring at their smartphones at home or even in classroom, and more provokingly they stay up late into night - obviously cell phones are the main reason! Why not use a cell phone 2G 3G 4G WiFi signal blocker to get their life back to normal or at least back to the extent you want? The fact is that it's impractical control them when they are at school, but once they are back to home, then it's up to you and the phone jammer. You could set a rule to the time they should do their homework and go to bed by turning on your cell phone jamming device once it reaches the regulated time. In this way, your children are supposed to spend more time in study and sleeping, instead of smartphone addiction!